Our Youth Hubs

AYC supports the establishment of modern Arab youth hubs in several Arab countries that seek to empower young people, motivate them to innovate and create, provide a conducive environment for continuous development, build their capabilities and leadership skills, and discover and nurture talent.

The hubs provide platforms for activities and events aimed at enhancing the knowledge and experience of young Arabs, and stepping up their contribution to driving progress in their countries. AYC is currently building youth hubs in Saudi Arabia and Jordan.

Youth hub's goals:

  • Providing spaces for young Arabs to meet and interact with their peers.
  • Supporting Arab youth in giving back to society.
  • Creating opportunities for young Arabs to improve their skills through workshops, events, and self-learning.
  • Enhancing the knowledge and experience of Arab youth.
  • Enabling young Arabs to participate in the socio-economic development of their countries.