18th UN Climate Change Conference of Youth concludes in Dubai 28-November-2023

The 18th United Nations Climate Change Conference of Youth (COY18) on Tuesday concluded in Dubai with youths, researchers and academicians from across the world discussing crucial issues on combating climate challenges.

The 18th edition of the COY18, which took place at the EXPO City Dubai from 26th November, was held in the lead-up to the 28th United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP28), which is taking place from 30th November to 12th December at EXPO City Dubai.

Around 800 participants, mostly youths, from 165 countries, engaged in interactive sessions, workshops, and roundtable discussions on crucial topics that can enhance international climate change policies.

COY18 participants have also contributed to the Global Youth Statement, which is a collective statement representing the perspectives of youth from around the world that will be presented to decision-makers at COP28.

The COP28 Global Youth Statement brings together more than 700,000 inputs and voices of young people from 150 countries around the world. The Global Youth Statement represents children and young people’s landmark call to action for world leaders to step up to the existential challenge and seize the opportunity for course correction.

In her keynote speech, Shamma bint Suhail Al Mazrui, Minister of Community Development, COP28 Youth Climate Champion and Deputy Chair of the Arab Youth Centre, said, “The Global Youth Statement we have received today from youth is the best example of how we should live our lives forever. This Global Youth Statement is the fruit of collaboration of over 750,000 young people from different backgrounds, cultures and beliefs from around the world. We found a common ground, and turned corrosive attention to respect towards one another. This is the kind of unity and inclusion we needed to propel climate action.”

Razan Al Mubarak, UN Climate Change High-Level Champion for COP28, applauded the great job done by the young people for creating the Global Youth Statement. “As a high level champion for climate change, I pledge to push this Global Youth Statement to greater heights,” she said.

“Climate change challenges are affecting almost half of the world population. We need to work together to tackle the challenges of climate change through protecting nature. We should also ensure that we empower the youth," she added.