1. What is the Arab Youth Hackathon?

The Arab Youth Hackathon is a call out for Arab youth to submit their technical ideas and solutions to the challenges we face in the times of crises in the Arab world.

2. What are the challenges/areas in which youth can participate?

You can participate in the following 6 challenges: food security, national economy, employment, social responsibility, healthcare, education.

3. What is the Food security Challenge?

The Arab Youth Hackathon will dedicate its platform to receiving ideas and solutions of Arab youth to face this challenge, preparing their nations to face food shortage, and share their innovative ideas to secure basic needs and their communities.

4. What is the National Economy challenge?

Many sectors of the national economy were affected by the COVID-19 crises, and the sector of SME’s was one of those acutely affected by the consequences of this crisis, which posed a new challenge for officials to find solutions to support companies and revive the local economy to overcome the crisis. The Arab Youth Hackathon will dedicate its platform to receiving ideas of Arab youth to face this challenge.

5. What is the Employment challenge?

the Arab world is facing new challenges in creating or maintaining job opportunities for young people and encourage young people to launch their own projects in the light of the COVID-19 crisis. This challenge will be tackled through the Arab Youth Hackathon by receiving ideas and solutions that will contribute to creating new job opportunities for Arab youth and promote entrepreneurship.

6. What is the Social Responsibility Challenge?

In light of the crises, there is a need to enhance awareness around importance of community service and raise the sense of national responsibility. Arab youth play a major role by becoming leaders and promoters of social responsibility, awareness, and volunteerism in communities that need the most support. The Arab Youth Hackathon accepts all ideas and solutions that would contribute to the promotion of social responsibility in all forms at the level of individuals or companies.

7. What is the healthcare challenge?

Our first line of defense, doctors, nurses and all individuals operating in the healthcare sector are dealing with the COVID-19 crisis in the front lines. The Arab Youth hackathon is dedicating a platform to receive ideas, proposals and possible solutions to enhance the healthcare sector's preparations, support healthcare workers in the short and long term, facilitate their mission, and publicize the importance of their role in community service.

8. What is the education challenge?

Like other sectors affected by the crises, the education sector was affected, and the challenge was was resolved through the usage of distant-learning and education technology. However, there is room for improvement of the online educational experience in the Arab world, the Arab Youth Hackathon will receive ideas and solutions which will contribute to the development of the education sector in the Arab countries, and its outreach to all levels of the community.

9. Are there any costs relatd to participation?

There are no costs to participate.

10. Are participants required to be programmers or technical experts?


Participants are not required to be programmers or technical experts.

11. At which stage of development your solution should be to apply for this competition?

We are receiving applications from across stages (an idea with a business model based on that idea, Prototype, Pilot, growth, and scale stage.)

12. What is the age group that is allowed to participate in the hackathon?

You have to be 18-35 years old to participate.

13. Do I have to hold a specific educaitonal degree to participate?


The participant is not required to hold a specific educational degree

14. What is the criteria for the application to a specific challenge?
  • • Participants need to have an innovative, clear, sustainable and actionable technical idea
  • • Participants need to have the appropriate experience to implement the idea or supervise its implementation as a solution to help the Arab community deal with one of the six proposed challenges
  • - Your submission should contain the following qualities: Originality, innovation, application, sustainability, and relevance to the challenge
15. Should participation be in Arabic only?

Yes, application and all files submitted should be in Arabic only.

16. How will the winners be awarded?

Selected finalists will be awarded in a live virtual event after making their final pitch and evaluated by the judging panel.

17. How will the winner recieve the award?

The prizes will be awarded after winning through the Arab Youth Center.

18. Will there be guidance or a mentoring program prvided by the center?


Yes, there will be an indicative program to lengthen ideas and final presentations of the live event.

19. Can we get expert advice on our ideas?

Yes, you can get advice from experts who will be provided by the center (experts in various challenges and from different Arab countries)

20. Will there be any fees for the consultation?


All consultation and mentorship is free of charge

21. What are the application stages?


1. Submit your idea solution related to the 6 challenges by filling the application form and sending a video.

2.You will be informed if your idea is shortlited and qualified to the next stage of application

3. You will dedicate a week of your time to work with our experts on developing your idea and your pitch

4. You will pitch your final idea in a final live even with decision makers and expertes, where the judging panel will anounce the 3 top winners.

22. Can Arab youth participate from non-Arab countries (country of residence)?

Yes, Arab youth can participate from any country of residence

23. Can I share more than one idea / solution?

You can submit more that one idea, or to more than one challenge.

24. What will I benefit from participation?

You can benefit in the following ways:

1. Opportunity to further develop your idea with our mentorship experts

2. Opportunity to learn more of the sector you have submitted your idea under with the support of our industry partners

3. pitch your idea in-front of expert that will provide your solution with the feedback to enhance it.

4. Winners will receive a financial reward

25. Will participants be assisted in the event of technical problems?

The Arab Youth Center will provide all possible assistance to the participants.